Our Vision

Providing live entertainment on a welcoming professional stage featuring Saskatchewan ingredients in imaginative menus.

Our Why

We are passionate about providing a quality performance platform for live entertainment and close to home ingredients. We believe the people in our community appreciate bringing together these elements in one special space. 

Our Where

she-NANIGANS  is proudly located in the Battlefords in Saskatchewan, Canada. 792 108th street, North Battleford. 

We are both proud priaire girls born and raised in the province.

Our Who

Glennda Ilett has been around music all her life. Her mother was a talented musician, singing and playing guitar, accordian and piano or organ to whomever would listen,  Her  husband is a former road musician who still plays around with his instruments,,,, :D, and though Glennda  can't carry a tune in a bucket (so she says) she loves music anyway. She has extensive experience in the hospitality industry and has always dreamed of having her own establishment. Her flare for artistic refurbishing combined with a perfectionist attitude (Kelly helps redirect that when needed LOL) is evident in every corner of the venue space. Check out the unique sink vanities she hand-built for the ladies and gents rooms! Look for her cheerful face tending bar.

Kelly Waters has had artistic urges for as long as she can remember! She was the type of child to create backyard entertainment productions with other neighbourhood kids and then invite the neighbourhood to watch. She danced and sang her way to later in life studying Music and Arts Education working currently as a school teacher. She has a life long love of food adventures and inspired large scale projects. This project includes every ingredient she loves; the arts, live entertainments, inventive palate explorations, local-sourced quality ingredients, and collaboration with her patient partner Glennda (Kelly needs reeling in sometimes too). 

Jointly they support a broad range of tastes, walks of life, personalities,  and creative latitude. EVERYONE is welcome and has a place in she-NANIGANS.

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